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Business Diversification


Malabada Business cooperative is engaged in Agriculture, Manufacturing, money markets, and real estate investments. This  is done through the use of pooled resources collected through membership and shares. The following are the business areas:


The company will have farms to grow different market competitive crops and  a good  loan system for farm inputs which will enable resource poor farmers to improve their agricultural production. 


The cooperative will engage in Value addition through manufacturing both agricultural products and other products needed by the Malawi market and beyond.

Money Markets

The pooled financial resources will be offered as loans to Malawians who have lucrative business ideas. The cooperative will use market driven interest rates and also look at membership needs for its members and shareholders

Real Estate Investments

The cooperative will invest in real estate both commercial and Residential. The targeted real estate are offices, plots, shopping malls houses and hotels

Trainings, Advisory  and Information Hub


These are capacity building trainings offered to members who would either like to venture into a new business or would like to expand their business. The trainings include

1. Business start-up and financing

2. Business Strategy development

3. Credit management and market targeting

The cooperative also offer business support services to members

Corporate Social Responsibility


At the heart of Malabada Business Cooperative is community developement. Part of the proceeds realised will be used for community development through the following ways

1. Vocational school. This will enhance skills development especially the youth which enhances their earning abilities and  eventually takes them out of poverty

2. Infrastructure Development. The company will use part of its proceeds to develop road networks, schools and hospitals in the area.

3. Ambulance and Funeral Services. Provision of ambulance and funeral services to the people of Blantyre Malabada Constituency.