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Hon. Ismail Rizzq Mkumba confident of developing his constituency through Malabada Business Cooperation

Hon Ismail Rizzq Mkumba says he is confident that Blantyre Malabada Constituency will easily...



Malabada Business Cooperative  is a new Malawian firm established  and registered in 2021 focusing on developing Blantyre Malabada constituency.  The cooperative is championed by  member of parliament for the area (2019-2025) Hon Ismail Rizzq Mkumba. 

He noted that the constituency Development fund is not enough to develop the constituency. This is because Most Malawians are economically marginalised and do not have the ability to pay the kind of tax Malawi needs to develop. He believes that Malawians have the zeal to grow their finances and develop their communities and as such he initiated the registration of the cooperative. 

The cooperative business model will help citizens to grow their finacial base and also  develop Blantyre Malabada Constituency and Malawi as a whole. 



The cooperative will have capital in form of shares and membership. With a highly skilled financial management and operational team, the pooled finances will be invested in different business units approved by the company’s general assembly (Annual General meeting) which comprise primarily members and shareholders.


Increasing Poverty levels

Poverty Levels in Blantyre Malabada Constituency continues to worsen because of little amount of money that is made available to develop the areas. The situation does not mean low political will but the truth is poverty is affecting the tax collection and this result in low revenues for the country

Lack of business capital and opportunity

The fight against poverty is proving to be meaningless as  constituents do not have individual capital and opportunity to invest in lucrative businesses. Malabada Business Cooperative will offer the constituents such an opportunity where they can borrow money to invest in a personal business

Lack of Unity towards a common goal

People in Blantyre Malabada Contituency can do many things as a group. Malabada Business Cooperative will try to build the unity of the constituents towards a common goal of poverty eradication and community development.


Why Invest in Malabada Business Cooperative

Malabada Business cooperative has members and shareholders who pool their resources together and invest in lucrative business opportunities.  It focusses on growing the interest of the business while also growing shareholders wealth while optimising the businesses of members.



Our focus is to grow the cooperative while developing members businesses 


With quality and dedicated staff, the organisation continues to improve the quality of its offering


Proceeds from the cooperative are also earmarked for developing Blantyre Malabada Constituency

From Our Founder

Developing Blantyre Malabada and Malawi as whole through Business 

Social Enterprise is a powerful tool for ending poverty, bridging the gap in underdevelopment and to facilitate the transition of making Malabada and Malawi financially free through entrepreneurship and investments.